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Welcome to Equine Essentials Tack Shop, Oxford, MA


A great deal on the gear you need for your first lesson!

EETS always offers a "new rider" package:
In order to have a safe and comfortable ride,
there are a few essential items:


ASTM / SEI certified Helmet
- from $39.99 and up

* the most important item in horseback riding.  We recommend that you never purchase a used helmet, or a helmet from an unknown person.  Any helmet that has been in an accident or dropped can have sustained an undetectable defect that can seriously compromise the helmet's safety and usefulness. 

Hard soled shoes with a heel - paddock boots
- from $10.00 (used, as available) or $34.99 new, and up

* a hard soled, heeled shoe keeps the foot in place, so the foot stays safely in the stirrup. 

comfortable, close fitting pants
- from $19.99

- Jeans are fine for riding, but some people will develop chaffing from seams in inconvenient places!

-from $5.99

* reins can cause blisters on hands, making it uncomfortable to steer.  Gloves help keep a good grip on the reins!

1/2 chaps
- from $39.99

*1/2 chaps keep the stirrup leathers from pinching the inside of your calf and keep legs steady against the horses side. 

At EETS, when you purchase any 4 of these items together, you will receive a 10% discount on your ENTIRE purchase.

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